Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ayiram kal poli mugam

Place : Ayiram kal poli mugam ( Ganapathipuram) , Kanyakumari District

Location : Ayiram kal poli mugam is 32 km from Kanyakumari and 12 km southwest of Nagercoil.

Route : Nagercoil ----> Rajakamangalam ---->

Ganapathipuram ----> ayiram kal poli mugam

As you reach Ganapathipuram ask the locals about the beach.

It will be a sure delight if you have a penchant for
impossibly blue seas, pristine white sands and coconut trees

'Poli ' means Estuary. This is one of the places where the Water from Pechiparai Dam flows in to the Arabian Sea after irrigating many fields.

The vast emptiness of the beach and the striking lack of crowd is an enjoyable one.

Palm wood stage perfectly in synchronous with the environment

The Palm wood Stage and the palm wood Bridge erected by the
district authorities is a perfect one and suites the ambience .

Way to Heaven waiting for us

With inputs from
Family & Friends
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beach Casa - 2

Arabian sea shimmering under the fiery sun

Beach always beckon

Coconut trees at dusk


Beach casa could have qualified as an ideal place for surfing and sun bathing. But then due to lack of publicity and inadequate hinterland development, the place is losing its importance .

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Family & Friends
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Beach Casa - 1

Name : Beach Casa, Kanyakumari District

Place : Kurumbanai , Kanyakumari District

Location: Kurumbanai is 45Km from Kanyakumari and 25 Km from Nagercoil on the West coast Road

Route : Nagercoil -----> Colachel -----> Kurumbanai

Kurumbanai church
Serene, tranquil and beautiful

Nature at its best

Waiting for sculptors ?
Nature's Sculpture - 1
Nature's Sculpture - 2

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kalikesam - 2

A cloud burst in the upper forests in the Western ghats will
result in sudden floods, so be vigilant.
As usual keep an eye on our ancestors prowling in the environment.

An idyllic retreat

Serene and Scenic

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Family and Friends
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Kalikesam - 1

Name: Kalikesam (Keeriparai Forest Range in Kanyakumari District)

Location: 15 km north of Nagercoil and 35 km north of Kanyakumari.

Route: Nagercoil -----> Puthery -----> Thittuvilai ----->

Alagiyapandiapuram -----> Thadikarankonam ----->

Keeriparai ------> Kalikesam

After crossing a bridge in keeriparai, we will find ourselves at the 'V' junction of two roads

While the left leads to Kalikesam , the right leads to Vattaparai and
Balamore Estate.
Take the left one and travel (about 2 Km) till the end of the road.

Kalikesam Welcomes us.

A Kali temple situated by the side of the stream attracts devotees
on Tuesdays and Fridays. During the Tamil month of Adi women come
to the temple on Tuesdays and Fridays and prepare Kozhukkattai
(a round shaped cake of rice flour) as an offering to the Kali.

A few yards against the downstream will lead us to an ideal place for bathing.

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