Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boothapandy - 2

According to Dr. S. Padmanabhan, general secretary of the
Kanyakumari Historical and Cultural Research centre,
the Travancore manual, written by Nagamayya, maintains that
the place Bhoothapandy was founded by one of the Pandya kings.

According to the Shaiva tradition, Siva is worshiped in various
forms-as earth at Kanchipuram, water at Thiruvanaikkavu,
fire at Thiruvannamalai, air at Kalahasthi and ether in Chidambaram.
They are known as panchaboothasthalas.

As per the legend, the panchaboothas worshiped
Lord Siva as Boothalingam at Bhoothapandy

A building built by the Travancore State now fuctioning as
Administrative office of the Boothalingaswamy temple

The official symbol of the travancore state can be seen above the door

P.JEEVANANDAM the noted socialist was born here in Aug 21, 1907.

A statue of Jeevanandam

With inputs from
The Hindu dated 25-01-2001
Family & Friends

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Boothapandi - 1

Name : Boothapandi , Kanyakumari District

Location: Boothapandi is 9 km north of Nagercoil, Which is 20km
from kanyakumari.

Route: Nagercoil----> Putheri ----> Erachakulam ---->
Easanthimangalam ---->Thuvarancaud ---->Bhoothapandi

Western ghats at the backdrop

Surrounded by Paddy fields

Bhoothalingaswamy Temple entrance and Thadagai malai at the back

Temple pond

Thadagai malai - We can see a woman lying down (with head at the right side)

Mandapam in the middle of the pond

It is believed that Rama's slewing of demoness Thadagai took
place here and it was here body forming that part of the Ghats

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Marunthukottai - 3

Western Ghats as seen from Marunthukottai

Best Place for Trekking

View of Udayagiri ( a hillock) inside Udayagiri Fort

Thuckalay OVERVIEW ?

Maiyakottai as seen from Marunthukottai

With inputs from
Historian Benny Sir
The Hindu dated 22-08-07
Family & Friends

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marunthukottai - 2

Inside the fort there was a stone mandapam measuring 15 X 10 X8 feet.

Stone Mandapam View

Negligence and None to Care

Wild growth of trees and its ramifying roots have done
great damage to the fort walls and the mandapam

Entrance view from the Stone Mandapam

Small opening in the fort wall on the Western side

View of the Paddy & Plantain fields on the west

Close view of the opening in the Fort Wall

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Marunthukottai - 1

Name: Marunthukottai, Kanyakumari District

Location : 2 km north of Thuckalay ( Near Padmanabhapuram ).
Thuckalay is 35 Km from Kanyakumari & situated on the
Kanyakumari - Thiruvananthapuram Highway.

Route: Thuckalay ----> Padmanabhapuram ---->Marunthukottai

This fort was built during the reign of the King Balamarthanda
Varma (1729-1758) by his illustrious European General,
Delaney (1715-1777).

It was located on the hillock at a height of 895 feet from the sea level.

The Marunthukottai was used to manufacture and store the gunpowder.

Distant View of Marunthukottai

At a height of 895 feet from the sea level

Eastern Entrance

View of Maiyakottai and Udayagiri (inside Udayagiri Kottai)

View of Maiyakottai with Western Ghats on the backdrop

View from Marunthukottai - Resembling Trichy Rock Fort ?

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