Thursday, September 4, 2008

Manakudi Mangrove Forest - 1

Place : Mangrove Forest, Manakudi , Kanyakumari District

Many are unaware of the Mangrove Forests in kanyakumari district.

Some enterprising individuals apparently planted the trees more
than two decades ago and it is only now that the forest department
and district administration are showing interest in fencing and
developing the mangrove wetlands.

This forest support diverse groups of flora and fauna and attain
special significance because of their location on the Central Asian
Flyway of migratory waterbirds.

Situated as it is at the tail end of this flyway, these wetlands are
among the southern most wintering grounds for migratory ducks
and shorebirds that breed in Northern Asia and migrate
thousands of miles in autumn to milder climates in the south

A strange sort of beauty envelops the area Download As PDF

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Deaths Head Roy said...

I really have to appreciate your efforts into discovering a lot of these places in Kanyakumari!! And the best part is that you document it so well with pictures also....i am sure that many people are not aware of the incredible tourist opportunity in and around kanyakumari district...Kudos!! and keep up the great work!!

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