Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thengapattanam - 1

Name : Thengapattanam, Kanyakumari District

Thengapattanam is 55 Km from Kanyakumari & 35 Km
from Nagercoil.

Location : 14 Km south of Marthandam. Marthandam is
65 Km from Kanyakumari and situated on the
Kanyakumari - Thiruvananthapuram Highway

Thengapattanam - as its name suggests, is replete with coconut
trees was an important town during the days of Chera Nadu,
when trade relations existed with the Middle East
and the Arab world.

It is located on the fringe of an estuary formed by the Valiyar,
a tributary of the Tamiraparani

Merging of river with the sea

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Anonymous said...

Really a Good Location:)

Anonymous said...

it is a wonderful effort taken to explore the unexplored beauty of kannyakumari.

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