Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thirparappu Waterfalls - 1

Name : Thirparappu Waterfalls, Kanyakumari District

Location : Thirparappu is 60 km from Kanyakumari and 40 km from Nagercoil

Route: Kanyakumari -----> Nagercoil ----->
Thuckalay -----> Kulasekharam -----> Thirparappu

In Kanyakumari District, on Maha Sivarathri day, devotees go on a marathon pilgrimage from Tirumalai Temple to Tirunattalam Temple, covering a list of 12 Siva Temples nearly 75 km within 24 hours.

Starting from Tirumalai Temple, the devotees run covering Thikkurichi Temple, Thirpparappu Temple, Tirunandikarai Temple, Ponmanai Temple,Pannippagam Temple, Kalkulam Temple, Melancodu Temple, Thiruvidaikodu Temple, Thiruvithamcodu Temple, Thiruppantricodu Temple and end at Thirunattalam Temple covering nearly 75 km within 24 hours.

Thirparappu Mahadevar is the third temple on the list of devotees in the Sivalaya Ottam or Sivalaya run.

Side Gate of the temple facing the Water Falls

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