Friday, January 1, 2010

Suchindrum - Thanumalayan Temple Car Festival - 1

Place : Thanumalayan Temple ,Suchindrum , Kanyakumari Distrcit

Location : Suchindrum is 6 km south of Nagercoil on the way to
Kanyakumari .

The name Thanumalayan denotes the combination of the

Thanu is a synonym for Siva, Mal for Vishnu and Ayan
for Brahma.

It is believed that the top, middle and base of the Linga
in the temple represent Siva, Vishnu and Brahma respectively.

Tradition goes that Indra was purified at this place and
hence the name Suchindram. Suchi means Purity.

The annual car festival is celebrated in the Tamil month of
Margazhi every year.

Date : Dec 30,2010 - Car Festival Day

Time : 6.15 am

Temple gopuram - 134 Feet high tower

Three Chariots in position - for Lord Ganesh, Lord Thanumalayan & Ambal respectively

The main chariot in which the presiding deity Thanumalayan is taken

Closer look of the Main chariot

Mammoth wheels of the main chariot

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