Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kollemcode Thookam Festival - 2

Every year there would be more than 1200 thookkams.

The duration of the festival is 10 days. On the first day the
godess will be taken to venkanji from kollemcode.

The diety will reside in venkani until the festival is over (10 days).

The devotees should register their offering on the fourth day of
the festival. The 10th day is the final day when the major festival
called thookkam is conducted.

The devotee will handover their child to a person(thookkakaran),
who is hung by means of a hook at the end of the bow (villu) of the
cart. There are two bows made up of wood at a length of 45’ each.

Each carries two thookkakarans, each thookkakaran carries a
child in his hand. In each cart there will be four children.

The cart is pulled by people around the temple.

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