Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sanguthurai Beach - 1

Name : Sanguthurai Beach

Sanguthurai Beach is about 15 Km From Kanykumari on the west coast.

 As the bridge connecting Melamanakudi & Kelamanakudi was
 washed away in the tsunami 2004, Heavy vehicles from
kanyakumari has to cover extra distance before reaching the
Sanguthurai beach

From Kanykumari

Route  (for Heavy Vehicles)

Kanykumari ----> Suchindaram ---->  Parakkai road Junction

----> Parakkai -----> Thengamputhur ----> Sothavilai Beach

----> Pallam ----> Sanguthurai

Route (for Light Vehicles) via Coastal Road

Kanyakumari ----> Manakudi ----> Sothavilai ----> Pallam

----> Sanguthurai Beach

From Nagercoil

Nagercoil ----> Beach Road Junction ----> Irulappapuram

----> Vallan Kumaran Vilai----> Pillayarpuram

----> Melakrishnanputhur ----> Sanguthurai Beach

'Sangu ' in Tamil  means conch. In synonym with the name
sanguthurai , a huge conch , erected on a tower , welcomes us

Rest Place

 Huge Conch erected on the tower  in front and the approach road
from Melakrishnanputhur at the back
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P.N. Subramanian said...

Looks like an unpolluted beautiful beach. We did not know that during our visit. Thanks for the info and nice pictures.

nanjil said...

it is a nice beech to swim during non monsoon(southwest) time;

but be mind full of strong under tow, particularly with big waves.

nanjil said...

when we were kids we used to ride our bikes from nagercoil to the beech and had hell of a great time swimming. The undertow used to scare the daylights out of first time swimmers! There used to be so many cashew trees on the way.

Of course now with all the horrendous traffic it is totally unsafe (ie bicycling)

Anonymous said...

Its nice........... by

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