Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventurous Boat trip to Aadu maychan parai - 1

Place :  Aadu maychan parai in Sea (Near Kadiapattanam Coast)

ஆடு மேச்சான் பாறை or  ஆடு மேய்த்தான் பாறை

Route : Kanyakumari -----> Nagercoil -----> Muttom ----->
             Kadiapattanam -----> Aadu maychan parai

Aadu maychan parai - In the olden days, Shepherds used to 
watch their grazing goats from this rock and hence the name 
ஆடு மேச்சான் பாறை

It is always mesmerising to see the change in the Sea atmosphere. While it is raining on one side, it is sunny on the other side.

Raining in the Sea

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Imay said...

Where is this place?

Imay said...

Where is this?

Sathiesh Kumar said...

It is a rock situated about 5 Kms in the sea from Kadiapatanam or Muttom

Bernard said...

Great Posts as usual. Keep the good work. I really appreciate your posts and recommended your blog to some of my friends. Really great work.

Sathiesh Kumar said...

Thanks Bernard

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