Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chitaral jain temple -3

Most of the deities in the central shrine are believed to be those of the Jain Thirthankaras, namely Parsvanatha and Mahavira. The Hindus, however, consider these to be images of Maha Vishnu. The central shrine is divided into three chambers — one for the Goddess, another for Mahavira, and, the third, for Parsvanatha in a standing posture.

Inscriptions in Vattezhuthu

Another flight of steps leads to a pond in front of the shrine.

The adjoining hills really give a panoramic view of the temple.

The jagged outline of the Western Ghats, enveloped by white puffs of clouds, presents a pretty picture against the blue canvas of the sky.

Chitaral - a tranquil spot where History confluences with Religion

With inputs from
1.Historian Dr.Benny sir
2.Mr. Soma Basu's RLT -(The Hindu dated 2-04-07)
3.Family and Friends
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Kalyan Vijay Sivalenka said...

Hi!! Thank you very much. Had it not been for your blog we would have never come to kow about this place. We have already included this place in the itinerary. If you know pl let us know how to reach this place and also any contacts

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