Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mondaikadu Kodai - 3

Any festival ushers in a lot of cheers among people and all festivals
 share one thing in common, SWEETS and Mondaikadu Kodai is
not an exception.

A kilo of mixture of various sweets (Then kulal, Laddu, Boonthi,
 Enippu sevu.......) cost around Rs 60.

Thenkuzhal or Thenkulal is the centre of attraction in Mondaikadu kodai
Thenkuzhal is made from a mixture of raw-rice and Blackgram
 flour.This mixture is physically extruded, formed into spiral or
 coil shapes and deeply fried to light golden brown color.Then
the fried matter is soaked in sugar syrup for some minutes and
then taken out.The spiral shape, is the handiwork of the master

Master filling the steel pot (with a hole at the bottom) with the mixture

Master at his work

Taking out the fried golden brown color matter

Soaking in Sugar syrup

Delicious sweet ready to eat

Arranged in an Attracting manner
With inputs from
1.Historian Benny Sir
2.Family & Friends Download As PDF

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