Friday, June 6, 2008

Avvaiyaramman Temple - Thalakudy

Place : Avvaiyaramman Temple , Thalakudy , Kanyakumari District

Location : Thalakudy is 31 km north of Kanyakumari and 12 km
north of Nagercoil.Avvaiyaaramman Temple is situated in
between Thalakudy and Shenbagaramanpudur.

Route : Nagercoil ----> Irachakulam ----> Thalakudy
----> Avvaiyaaramman Temple----> Shenbagaramanpudur

With Western Ghats and thovalai channel at the background, the temple's location itself is a visual treat.

The presiding deity Avvai is enshrined under an Amla tree and is hence known as Nelliyadi Avvai. The belief is that it was here that the great poetess left this mortal world.

Backside of the temple

Thovalai channel at the backside

Western Ghats at the back side

With inputs from
1.Shrine for the Tamil Poetess - Dr.S.Padmanabhan
2.Historian Benny Sir
3.Family & Friends
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