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Avvaiyaramman Temple , Muppanthal

Place : Avvaiyaramman Temple , Muppanthal , Kanyakumari District

Location : Muppanthal is 37 km north of Kanyakumari and 25 km
north of Nagercoil.

Avvaiyaaramman Temple is situated on the Tirunelveli High way,
adjacent to the famous Esakkiamman Temple

Route : Nagercoil ----> Aralvaimozhy ----> Muppanthal
----> Tirunelveli

In Tamil literature there are many poetesses with the name Avvaiyaar.

One of them lived during the Sangam period and was a close friend
of theKings, Pari and Athiyaman . She wrote 59 poems in Pura nanuru.

The other Avvaiyaar was a contemporary of Kampan and ottak
Kutthar .She was the elderly figure most familiar to Tamil people .

There is a traditional story that Avvaiyaar had arranged for
a marriagefor the daughters of Sangavai and Anagavai,
daughters of King Pari nearAaralvaaimozhi to which she
invited the sovereigns of the Chera, Chola
and Pandya kingdoms.

The kings erected pandals in the respective places allotted
to them andthis event led to the place being called Muppandal.

There are remnants of three separate mandapams and a
shrine of Avvaiyaar in their midst.

One can see two images of Avvaiyaar in sitting posture inside
the temples of Esakkiamman nearby.

There is also a separate shrine of Avvaiyaar near the
Esakkiamman templeswhere she is in sitting pose, with a stick.

A new statue of Esakkiamman erected in 2007

Two Esakkiamman temples

Avvaiyaramman Temple


Front side of the temple

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