Monday, July 14, 2008

Thovalai Flower market - 1

Place : Thovalai Flower Market, Kanyakumari District

Location : Thovalai is 15 km north of nagercoil and situated
in the National Highway 7 connecting Tirunelveli and Nagercoil.

Route : Nagercoil ----> Thovalai

Thovalai is known for its Flower market.A range of flowers
being cultivated in the adjoining areas and also in Radhapuram
taluk of the neighbouring Tirunrlveli district were finding their
way to the Middle East through a small flower market at Thovalai
in Kanyakumari district.

The total area under flower cultivation was 201hectares.The
agro-climatic conditions prevailing in the hill range and plains
of the district were suitable to cultivate flowers.

Conventional flowers like jasmine, kanagambaram and others were
cultivated in various parts of Thovalai. Besides local demand,
these flowers have a high demand in Kerala also.

Moreover these flowers were despatched to Mumbai and
exported to Gulf countries. However the conventional flower
market was not a regulated one and private parties were doing
business by their own contacts with terms and conditions.

Since the flowers being produced here were known for their
size and quality, the government had decided to establish a
flower market with cold storage facility at Kaavalkinaru Junction
in Tirunelveli District which is 15 Km from Thovalai.

Though Radhapuram and Nanguneri taluks in the
neighbouring Tirunelveli District receive only
scanty rainfall every year even during active monsoon,
farmers of this region cultivate a variety of flowers such as
jasmine, rose, oleander, Cassandra, southern wood,
bachelor’s buttons, sampangi and kozhikondai on
over 5,000 acres and irrigate the plants with wells

The government had decided to establish
a flower market with cold storage facility at
Kaavalkinaru Junction .

Tamil Nadu State Minister for Local Administration M.K. Stalin
laid the foundation stone for an ultra-modern flower
market at Kaavalkinaru Junction in Tirunelveli District
on May 10, 2008

Business in Progress

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Anonymous said...

hi my friend ones againe vist my native place see thanks iam rajesh my id

Sai said...

The english word for kanagambara poo is crossandra .It's mentioned as cassandra in the blog.

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