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Mukkadal Dam - 1

Place : Mukkadal Dam

Route : Kanyakumari -----> Nagercoil -----> Puthery ----->
             Thuvarnkadu -----> Mukkadal Dam

Built across the river Vambaru river in the year 1945 under the
 rule of Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma, Mukkadal Dam
 is described as a “natural earthen dam”, unique because it is
constructed only with clay and granite.

The reservoir supplies water for the town of Nagercoil. The water
 is pumped to Nagercoil filter house (approximately 10 km) and then
 it is distributed with public pipe system.

The dam is surrounded by forested hills on three sides and  its
 picturesque setting  make it a pleasant spot for nature lovers.

Everlocked Maingate welcomes the visitor

Details about the Dam

Catchment Area : 17.48 Sq.Km
Height                : 52 Feet

In Sep 6, 1979, then Finance Minister Thiru.K.Manoharan
  laid foundation for small zoological park and then Law secretary
Thiru.M.Vincent inaugurated a rose garden in the premises of
Mukkadal Dam.

Green Road
Charming Road that leads to the Mukkadal Dam

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