Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mukkadal Dam - 2

View of the 1080 ft length Dam

Steps leading to Water Catchment Area

Surrounded by forested hills on Three sides
The forest consists of soaring and lofty trees of Mesua
 ferrea, Bischofia javanica, Vitex Altissima to smaller trees
 of Dillini a species of festooning climber, shrubs, valuable
 herbs, variety of orchids, two types of canes and many
 indigenous palms and cycads. The important timbers are
 teak, rosewood, vengai. Various types of forest products
 like bamboos, reeds, canes, soft wood tamarind, lemon
grass, rubber, coconut, areca nut, kadukkai, cinnamon bark,
 nelli, cardamom, mango, lemon varieties, jack fruit, and
 many medicinal plants of high value which are harvested here.

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