Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eraniel Palace - 2

Horse-shaped Bungalow or Kuthira malika

Since the main building resembles a horse , it is known as Kuthira malika or Horse-shaped Bungalow.

Inside the main building is the central courtyard constructed in the typical nalukattu style. It is said that the King conducted the day-to-day proceedings from the upper level rooms.

Way to First Floor

Central Courtyard

In the Ground floor, there are Rest room for Soldiers, Safe for weapons, Kitchen and Dining room.There is also a secret tunnel for emergency exit.

Rest room for soldiers

Kitchen and Dinning room

Other rooms

There is a Verandah, which runs all along the ground of Kuthira malika serving as a buffer and circulation space of the building.

Stone Pillars with deities and different traditional patterns, Lotus motifs hold the weak wooden roof.

Most of these wooden structures that have braved the ravages of times and termites are now lost - squandered by people ignorant of historical importance for construction of houses.
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