Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vattaparai Waterfalls - 2

We have to take right one and travel for half km. A beautiful
jungle stream which was visible from the 'V' junction is invisible now
because of a bamboo thicket that arched all along on the
right side of the road.

As we climb down on the narrow passage, we will encounter with the stream.

A few yards against the downstream will lead us to the waterfalls.
My Friends Gandhinathan & Mahesh enjoying the natural shower

The sparkling white water glistened with froth as it hit the pebbled
bedbefore meandering off into the rainforest

As the sudden downpour in the upper forests in the Western ghats
will result in sudden floods, So be alert.
Our ancestors are on patrol. So place your belongings safely.
Vattaparai - Nature in its pristine beauty. Available for Refreshment

A kind request: Please avoid using plastic bags in the forest area.
Littering of waste material is spoiling the beauty of this area.
With Inputs From
1.Mr .Soma Basu's RLT - ( The Hindu dated 3-11-2007 )
2.Family & Friends
Gandhinathan and Mahesh

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Anonymous said...

hi Sathiesh Kumar
your blog was really useful and a big thanks to u, 'cause on 30th of dec 2008 myself and two of my friends went to vattaparai, kalikesham and chitaral. We choose those place after goin thru ur blog. Really a wonderful place, one one else other than us. Since these are remote places it's pristine. Keep on blogging!

Cris Hand said...

last jan we went to the place... thanx tour blog man..awsum place

Job Interview Questions said...

Considering that these are remote areas it's pristine. Keep on running a blog!


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