Monday, March 17, 2008

Eraniel Palace - 3

Spring Pavilion or Vasantha Mandapam
The Spring Pavilion or Vasantha Mandapam is situated on the westside of the Kuthira malika.

One stone cot - a beautifully carved cot in a single white granite is at the centre of the Vasantha Mandapam. An aesthetically sculptured Yaali on both sides of the header of the cot is really a cynosure. It is said that the cot adapts to the varying weather condition.

There are 4 wooden pillars surrounding the cot. In the north-east pillar, image of Vanchi Marthandavarma is said to be carved.

Faded mural paintings on the walls and roof panels depicting scenes from Ramayana and historical events remind of a glorious royal past.

On the granite bed stead used by the last of the Great Perumals, a lamp had been kept burning in and now it can be seen in thiruvanathapuram museum .Many considered the granite cot –a master piece of art and craft of the sculptor –as the sanctum sanctorum

Gabled roofs exquisite wood carvings and finely sculpted mandapam it was one of the finely architectural entities in the state

Thanks to the sculptors, for making the cot in a large single granite stone - the only reason for its existence till date.
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